Waiter job in Riyad for Nepali Pakistani Philipini african 2019


  • COUNTRY :   Dubai  / Saudi Arab
  • Company Name :   Samasco City
  • Job Type: Contract
  • Contract Period : 2 Yeas /renewable
  • Lot No is:    203415
  • Work: 8 Hours per Days
  • Work per Weeks: 6 Days per Week
  • Overtime: by the Company Policy
  • Air Ticket: provided by the Company
  • Insurance: By the Company
  • Food :Provided by the Company
  • Allowance: Provided By the Company
  • Approved Date:  2076 / 04/ 17

POSTNOSsalary ( SR) 
Pastry Chef5 M1500
Room Attendant10 M1000
Room Cleaner10M1000
Laundry Man5 M1000
Chef De party5 M2500
Commis Chef1 M1500

jobs  Details on Image 


Note :- Before you apply plz check the Demand . For Check type LT <space> ltno  and send 34001 or Visit http://www.dofe.gov.np/Home.aspx

How to Apply ? 

Contract on  Head Office

Vrindit Service Pvt Ltd

Address :- Lalitpur Nepal

Tel : 015524006    9808625986   9861158679


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