लोक सेवा आयोगको Result 2076 /2019 बिज्ञापन न. १६६८८/०७५-७६(आ.प्र.),


Public Service Commission
(Written Exam Result Publication Branch)
Suggestion no. 1 / 2-5Anamnagar, Kathmandu
Mmm: -3.1.4

A note contained in the advertisement of the Public Service or Commission, Central Kaya Rhythm, De Hi in Anamnagar.


Among the candidates

According to Warda’s order, the High School’s roll number was passed by candidates with In-Basket Exercise and Endless Selection.This information has been published for the sake of information regarding all transactions.In the Basket Exercise and the End of the Tail.Selected candidates will be required to submit photo of passport size, full certification of required minimum minimum qualification andOther required documents and the first and third pages of the application form – due to which this notice is published at the time of filing – (seven)
In case of transaction, the candidate will verify and verify the transferability of these certificates at the  Commission’s Correctional Management Center.

Have to do. Unless required New Minimum Qualifications and other required document certificates are passed
The application will be canceled. Selected candidates will have De Ha’s location, mamma and on time In Basket Exercise Madan Au Da Prave Sheetra. And the end of the commission should be submitted one to one hour before the actual paper and entry sheets are mentioned.The law will have to be subordinate. In the Basket Exercise and the End of the Madan Sava, the following is the order in which the following terms may be met:
Operation will continue.

Services, Groups, Subgroups: Foreign
Lol Operation normally   Position: Like a sub-secretary or so

Level / Category:

Naltaj Publications Office: Public Se or Commission, Central Jurisdiction.

5.4.2 and 8th respectively Love No. …….. 5.7 १६६८८  Locality:  Avg.   Trailing term number: २

The total number included in the LP १२८

The number of times the log is selected
B. No. No. Roll no. ४Candidate Name, Last Father’s nameGrandfather’s name 870052  Finally, yes I am brave and Rahman2.870037 Machatra Bahadu and K.C. Hellbent Give Mamaswana 3. 870185 Romans like it Manalaratna 4. 870208 Gyan Bahadur and Magar Ari Bahadur U yurt Chhatra Bahadur and Place, time, and timing of the execution of the latent variables and tertiary variables:
Location: Lok Se or Commission, Central Kaya Rhythm, Anamnagar.
B.c. 1-3 Dimensional variables: In Basket Exercise Lying Time 3.2.2 Madan’s 4:30 pm B.c. 1-3 Third phase: end-to-end program Lying Time 1.8.2 Madan’s 4:30 pm Rajendra Padde (Manalakantha Shema) (Tamlal leaf) Deputy Subba The rule is unknown Deputy Secretary Sheet no. ~ 1 ~

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*** High Salary Job ***

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