jobs on dubai for Nepali on litchy and sushi company


  • COUNTRY :  Dubai
  • Company Name : litchy and sushi company
  • Job Type: Contract
  • ContractPeriod : 2 Yeas /renewable
  • Lot No is:  221370
  • Work: 8 Hours per Days
  • Work per Weeks: 6 Days per Week
  • Overtime: by the Company Policy
  • Air Ticket: provided by the Company
  • Insurance: By the Company
  • Food :Provided by the Company
  • Allowance: Provided By the Company
  • Approved Date:  2076/03/31

jobs Details


S.nPOSTNOsSalary ( dubai dinar)
1Shusi Chef5 M2200
2Cook2 M1800
3Waitress8 F1200
4Barista3 M1200
5Bar tender2 M1500
6Nail Artist1 F2500
7Hair Stylist2 F2000
8Henna Applicator1 F2000
9Follow Up Applicator1 F2000
10Shisa Maker2 F800
11Kitchen Helper5 F1000


jobs details image 


How to Apply? 

  • Contract  : Naukri Nepal Recruitment Service Pvt ltd
  • Address : Birendra Aysworya Marg , Gangabu Kathmandu Nepal
  • Tel : 04362686   04385786
  • Email :
  • Web :

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