job demand in Oman for Nepali Hotel @ 44180

  • COUNTRY :   Oman 
  • Company Name :     al athnain Company LLC,  oman 
  • Job Type: Contract
  • Contract Period : 2 Yeas /renewable
  • Lot No is:  223606 
  • Work: 8 Hours per Days
  • Work per Weeks: 6 Days per Week
  • Overtime: by the Company Policy and Dubai HRM POlicy 
  • Air Ticket: provided by the Company
  • Insurance: By the Company
  • Food :Provided by the Company
  • Allowance: Provided By the Company
  • Approved Date:  2076/05/12 


PostDemand Salary ( OR)
Dish Washer 5 M120
General Cook 7 M150
Baker General 5 M150
Washing Machine Operator 3 M120
Waiter 5 M150
Cleaner 15 M 120

JOB Details  Image 

Note :- Before you apply plz check the Demand . For Check type LT <space> ltno  and send 34001 or Visit

Oman, officially the Sultanate of Oman, is an Arab country on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. Its official religion is Islam

oman pic


How  to Apply?

Contact  on Manpower 

Name : Kasmas Nepal Human Resource Pvt ltd 

Addess : Maharajjung Chakra path Kathmandu Nepal 

Tel: 014720607  014720609  

*** High Salary Job ***

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