creative Content Writer job Vacancy in Nepal on Tech Central 2019

  • College Name :   Tech Central 
  • Locations :  Kathamndu Nepal 
  • job Level :   Mid Level
  • Educations : Bachelor 
  • Post :  Video Editor  
  • Age :  over  18  and less then 40
  • Gender : Male 
  • Employment Type : Full Time/ Time 
  • Offered Salary :  Negotiable 
  • Dead line :  Oct   15   2019 
  • Experience :   at least 2 years Experiance 
  • No of Post :   1
  • Nos :  16


Job details 

If you’re a general geek, an avid reader, a strong consumer of pop culture, or generally talented about these themes, this job is for you.We offer great growth opportunities while writing diverse fun articles: news, movies, tv-series, video games, lifestyle, technology, gadgets, history facts, animals, inspirational, nostalgic stuff and many more.

What Are We Looking For?

We’re searching for talented writers with a strong passion for all things pop culture. Your strong opinions and attractive personality would convey greatly into words.

Also, are words something you love? Then come with us and share this passion talking about things you hate and love.

We want our candidates to write in an engaging, fun, humorous way. Your content should be both original as in not plagiarized, and original as in you have your own voice as a writer and a critic.

Here are some examples of the writing style and topics you’ll be creating for us:


Other Details 

    • Advanced and dedicated research skills
    • A passionate writer with strong English vocabulary, grammar, and syntax
    • Deep interest and knowledge about this specific niche: gaming, series, movies, comics,… If your knowledge amounts to throwbacks and cultural references, even better
    • Able to write an article from scratch about anything in an informative and fun style
    • Photo editing skills: cropping and resizing is a must, and if you have any creative Adobe Photoshop skills that’s a great plus
    • Over 2 years of experience as a content writer in similar niches. It’s not a requirement, but it will help you look so good your experience would actually become an expensive suit with tie and all

  • Voracious curiosity about technology, tech culture, gadgets, and inventions
  • Any Hands-on knowledge of WordPress, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization. Knowing SEO gives you extra points
  • If you have any DIY or have any creative experience on your own, we’d find that very interesting.


How to Apply for this job 

  • Your resume and completed application
  • A cover letter explaining why you think you meet and exceed our requirements. Showcase your creativity with your writing style; don’t be afraid to express yourself just as you are
  • Provide us with links to any of your social media properties or websites
  • Sends us article examples if you think they are relevant
*** High Salary Job ***

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