Computer engineer job Vacancy on Government of Nepal

This Department Due to the need of specialized services for specialized work under Cooperative Sector Reinforcement and System Improvement Program of 5.1, the person who has the following bomb qualifications and experience made a proposal for the minimum eco-labor within 15  days from the date of publication of this notice and the cooperative department sealed it separately. Baneshwar is called by Mahesh.

Qualifications / Experience Required: At least a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer / IT Engineering or equivalent / Minimum 5 years of Computer Programming (Working in MicroSoft NetFramework and AVC, Experience in Statistics Management System Development, MicroSQL SQL Experienced in webbase application development, with knowledge of server 2 or above

Place to work: Co-operative Department, New Baneshwar, as designated by the department

Working Period: 6 months (Contracting agreement will be made in 5/6 months)

Job description: The terms of reference shall be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement approved by the cooperative department. The terms and conditions of the proposal to be submitted can be purchased by the department within 7 days from the date of publication of this information at the office.

Application Charges: Rs. 1000. 00  (Rs. One thousand) with no refund

Selection Basis: In addition to the basis mentioned in the working condition, the subject matter will be selected based on the assessment determined by the department.

Remuneration: Will be in mutual agreement

Documents to be submitted: The cooperative department shall have the right to accept or reject or suspend the proposals submitted, including the copy of the Nepalese citizenship certificate as specified in the Working Conditions. No action will be taken on any unwarranted proposal.

*** High Salary Job ***

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